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Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory


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The Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory held a unique Inspection on May 22, 1956. The one-day event was dedicated entirely to the new Lewis Unitary Plan Tunnel—since renamed the 10- by 10-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel. The $33-million facility was the most powerful wind tunnel in the nation. Over 150 guests from industry, other NACA laboratories, and the media attended the event.

The crowd assembled in the shop area before the tour. Lewis Director Raymond Sharp began the event by welcoming the visitors to the laboratory. NACA Director Hugh Dryden discussed Congress's Unitary Plan Act and its effect on the creation of the facility. Lewis Associate Director Abe Silverstein discussed the need for research tools and the 10 by 10’s place among the NACA's other research facilities. Lewis Assistant Director Eugene Wasielewski described the detailed design work that went into the facility. Carl Schueller, Chief of the 10 by 10, described the tunnel's components and how the facility operated. Robert Godman led the tour of the facility afterwards.