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Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory


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The Inspection of the Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory on October 9 to 11, 1951, marked the lab's 10th anniversary. Some of the laboratory's early jet engine work was now being utilized by U.S. fighter aircraft in the Korean War.

The eight tour stops focused on engine cooling, supersonic missiles, materials research, altitude performance, icing research, high-energy fuels, and the new Crash Fire Test Program. The Inspection also highlighted the lab's altitude testing facilities, instrumentation research, computational capabilities, and the fabrication of compressor blades. Abe Silverstein, who had recently been named Associate Director, provided the opening remarks.

Lewis invited 1200 guests to attend the three-day event. The NACA instituted a new policy of having its laboratories hold Inspections every other year, so this was Lewis's first Inspection since 1949. Wilson Hunter managed the preparations.